Cellular Propane Tank Monitoring in Texas

We’re pleased to deliver commercial, industrial, and residential propane fuel to customers in Texas. In order to help you keep track of your propane gas levels, we offer propane tank monitoring systems that will tell you your exact remaining amount of propane gas! After all, running out of fuel can be a costly disaster, so don’t risk it. Take advantage of our propane tank monitoring system, and get a tank monitor to make checking your fuel levels easy.


How Cellular Propane Tank Monitors Work

  • We install a propane tank monitor on your propane storage container(s)
  • Download and connect to our company app on your smart device
  • The app will alert you and our delivery team when your propane tank level is getting low
  • We will automatically deliver your fuel

Why Get a Propane Tank Monitor?

Monitoring your tank comes with plenty of benefits! In fact, thousands of Texas residents near you already use our propane tank monitors with smashing success. With a remote propane tank gauge, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • Reduced risk of a propane fuel runout
  • Monitor your tank easily with the touch of a button
  • Enjoy premium, uninterrupted home comfort all year
  • Be notified of drastic propane fuel usage changes
  • Enjoy reliable, durable tank monitoring equipment
  • Get online access to tank fill history and information

At Nelson Propane, our delivery team has always striven to provide the best possible customer service. When you’re ready to request a remote propane tank monitor, be sure to contact us.