Nelson Propane Delivery FAQs

Propane is an eco-friendly, safe, and versatile home heating fuel. This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions about propane, propane delivery, and heating with propane. Nelson Propane is dedicated to providing an enhanced customer experience, so if you have a question that isn’t answered here, simply contact us, and we’d be happy to talk to you.

Propane is sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP gas, or LPG. It is produced from either natural gas processing or crude oil refining. It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless, but for your protection, an odor is added so it can be easily detected when necessary.

Propane is a non-toxic, non-poisonous, safe, reliable, and clean energy source that poses zero threats to soil or groundwater. Understanding how to properly use and store propane, as well as how to detect warning signs of a gas leak can significantly reduce the risk of a propane-related hazard in your home.

One of the safety features of propane is its unique smell—rotten eggs, a skunk’s spray or a dead animal. Ethyl mercaptan, a sulfur-based compound, is added to propane so that it can be detected when propane is in use. If you smell gas, immediately evacuate everyone from your home and call us at 800-234-9052.

Your tank gauge is located on the top of the tank, usually under a liftable hood. (Note: Please be careful when you lift the hood—insects sometimes nest there.) For your convenience and comfort, please place a propane delivery order when your gauge reaches no less than 30% full.

Propane Gauge

In order to help you keep track of your propane gas levels, we at Nelson Propane offer propane tank monitoring systems that will tell you your exact remaining amount of propane gas. Running out of fuel can be a costly situation, but a tank monitor makes checking your fuel levels and reordering easier.

If you’re not enrolled in our automatic delivery service, and you’re monitoring your own levels of propane, please request delivery when your tank is no lower than 30% full. If you’d like us to handle your propane tank monitoring, sign up for our automatic delivery option and ditch the responsibility of keeping track. With this service, we monitor your tank levels and refill your tank automatically when it’s time.

We’ll create a custom fuel delivery schedule based on your fuel usage and local degree day calculations. By keeping track of your usage and outdoor temperatures, along with personal heating preference, we will be able to accurately estimate when your tank is due for a refillThat way you can rest assured your deliveries are always on the way when your tank needs them. Additionally, residential automatic delivery customers get a price break! Enroll today and start saving.

Your propane is delivered and stored in liquid form. Propane liquid, for example, will expand (become a gas) nearly 17 times more than water over the same temperature increase. As a result, tanks and cylinders are never completely filled with propane liquid. Tanks are filled to about 80 to 85 percent of their capacity. This leaves a space above the liquid, which allows the propane liquid to expand freely due to changes in temperature.

Propane is a versatile fuel that has many applications both inside and outside your home. Some common propane-powered appliances are furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, cooking stoves, gas grills, space heaters, clothes dryers, generators, pool heaters, and more.

As a burned fuel, propane meets all clean air energy standards put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making it safe and environmentally friendly. Plus, most propane is produced right here in the Lone Star State, which means it supports the local and domestic economy.

If you’re looking for propane cylinder refueling for your barbecue grill, camp stove, RV, or other use, we are happy to handle your propane fueling needs. Our propane cylinder refueling is a popular service for residential and commercial customers alike here in Texas.

Get in touch with Nelson Propane to learn about our on-site forklift cylinder fueling. We offer a wide variety of locations throughout Texas, so you know you’re already right around the corner from a dependable supplier.

Nelson Propane is pleased to offer automatic and will-call propane delivery for residential customers. You can trust us to give you quality service, competitive rates, and the best possible energy solutions for your heating and other home comfort needs.

We understand the special needs of running a business and are prepared with a full range of services to help you be productive and successful. Many companies in Texas prefer our no-charge automatic delivery program, in which we track your propane usage and deliver fuel as needed. If you’d prefer to manage your own propane deliveries, simply order by the time your tank starts to get low.

Nelson Propane proudly offers industrial propane delivery for automatic and will-call delivery. Our delivery team is available during many hours of the week to keep your operation going at no additional delivery charge. Our automatic propane gas delivery schedule allows you to have nonstop propane fueling to power your agricultural operation.

We can provide the expert residential tank installation and connections you’ll need! Our technicians and staff maintain all the required licensing for any size propane tank installation job. Contact us to learn more.

We can provide the expert commercial tank installation and connections you’ll need! Our technicians and staff maintain all the required licensing for any size propane tank installation job. Contact us to learn more.

We gladly provide affordable replacement tank installations. Whether you’re investing in your Texas home or business, a new propane tank installation is the perfect upgrade for your property. Our experienced and trained installation team can install a tank that will provide you with plenty of fuel without taking up more space than necessary. Get in touch to learn more.