Propane Tank Installations in East Texas

Propane is a safe, affordable, and abundant fuel—but how can you make the most of it without a secure and reliable gas storage solution?  Along with delivering clean, high-quality propane, we at Nelson Propane also provide propane tank installations to improve the functionality of your home, farm, or business. Request a propane tank installation from our team of safety experts today! Below are the sizes we provide for our customers.


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Propane Tank Sizes We Install

Aboveground Tanks

120 gallon
250 gallon
500 gallon
1000 gallon

Underground Tanks

250 gallon
500 gallon
1000 gallon

Sales and leases are available!


Dependable Propane Tank Installations for Every Customer

Propane tank installation is something that must be performed by licensed companies only, like Nelson Propane. This fuel is easily stored, and we provide expert tank installations and connections. Depending on local ordinances, propane tanks may be located underground because of the nontoxic nature of the product.

At Nelson Propane our technicians and staff maintain all the required licensing for any size propane installation job. This includes gas fitters, licensing, and other common and specific requirements within Texas and beyond. And, we have experience in sizing your storage tank needs. This is important because the cost of installation can be managed based upon the right engineering calculations and the anticipated usage. We also prioritize compliance and safety. We will assure you that all the state and local requirements for installation and construction are within code guidelines. This gives you the comfort and peace of mind that the installation is professionally done.