Propane Tank Repairs in Texas

Do you own or lease a propane tank in Texas? If you do, you likely understand just how big a responsibility it is to handle. At Nelson Propane, we’re pleased to offer propane tank repairs if and when you need them. When you need affordable propane service from a company of seasoned professionals you can trust, look no further than Nelson Propane.

Propane Tank Repair or Replacement?

Knowing whether you need a tank repair or a full tank replacement takes the eye of an experienced and trained propane professional, but we can cover some of the basics here, so you have an idea of what to expect when you schedule your propane tank repair.

  • The Color of the Flame: The color of your tank’s flame should always burn blue. Any other color indicates a problem with combustion and should be checked out right away. A leak could trigger a safety mechanism in your tank that would cause trouble keeping a flame lit, “in which case your tank would need a replacement; however, let us take a look first.
  • Refilling Your Tank Frequently: Do you need constant refills? This could indicate a leak from corrosion or some other matter, in which case your tank would need to be replaced.
  • Something Smells Foul: Propane gas has a rotten odor. Damages that cause a leak could lead to the expulsion of gas and cause odor around your tank. If you think you smell gas, it’s an emergency, so call us, and get it checked out immediately.
  • Rust and Corrosion: Tanks can rust and corrode over time, leading to leaks. When you begin to see the orange-brown spots on your tank, begin planning for a replacement.
  • Your Tank Is Old: Check out the collar of your tank. Look at the manufacture date and requalification date. These will tell you the maximum lifespan of your tank.
  • Problems with the Service Valve: The service valve turns the gas on and off. It may experience wear and tear over time. Repairing your service valve is definitely cheaper than replacing it, but the repair should be done by a qualified technician. Get in touch with Nelson Propane if you’re having trouble with your service valve.

Propane Tank Installations in Texas

If your propane tank is in need of more than a simple repair or part replacement, don’t worry! Nelson Propane provides expert installations at a cost that won’t break the bank. Whether you need a residential or commercial installation or services, our team of qualified experts can assist in helping you select the right tank for your home or business property, install and connect it, and provide the services and maintenance you need to take care of it for years to come.

Get in Touch for a Propane Tank Update

Are you in need of a tank replacement or repair? Get in touch with the experienced and qualified professionals at Nelson Propane to have your Texas propane tank inspected, and learn what the next steps are to updating to a healthy system. We look forward to serving you.